Note: The terms below are legal and in continuation to the main page of the application/contract submitted by the exhibitor. The conditions will also apply when the application/contract is submitted by fax or email. Please read the terms below carefully:

Under these rules and regulations, the term" Exhibitor" shall include employees and agents of any company, partnership, firm or individual to whom space has been allocated for the purpose of exhibiting. The term "Exhibition" shall means the exhibition(s) referred to on the application form overleaf. The term "Organizer" shall mean GLOW EXHIBITIONS. The term "Contract" means the contract or application for exhibition space at the exhibition between the Organizer and the Exhibitor which incorporates the rules and regulations.

Application must contain details of the proposed exhibits and name of any other company represented by the exhibitor. The exhibitor has no right to share or sell his stand to a third party without prior written permission from the Organizer.

Exhibitors have the right to claim any/all amounts paid towards their participation if the exhibition is cancelled, postponed/ preponed for more than 365 days OR if his participation cannot be accepted due to lack of space. Natural calamities and other reasons beyond the Organizer's control, however will be considered as an exception.

The Organizer reserves the right to accept or refuse any application without disclosing to the exhibitor any reasons thereof.

Payment must be made when due ( as per the invoice ) or the Organizer reserves the right to relocate the stand and retain any amount already paid.

The Organizer is not responsible for any change or delay in stand / flight / venue / cargo / hotel reservations / facilities / equipment./ floor plan / stand location. No Exhibitor may refuse the space allotted to him nor for any of the above reasons cancel his participation. The Organizer will also accept no responsibility for the breakdown of any service or for the postponement of the opening of the event or for any interruption in the open period. No compensations will be made by the Organizer for any such reasons.

The exhibitor will be totally responsible for the cost of restoring to its original condition, any part of the stand, structure or furniture occupied or leased by it which had been altered or in anyway.

Exhibitors are entitled to exhibit only the announced products. Unauthorized exhibits will be taken away at the exhibitor's risk. Items may not be exhibited outside the rented space. The exhibitor must man the stand with competent personnel at all times and is also responsible for cleaning, both inside & outside of his stand. The exhibitor must not close their stand during the opening days & timings. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the participation, remove the exhibits and restrict entry of an exhibitor who does not maintain decorum in the exhibition by misbehaving, canvassing & provoking a dispute at any time without making any refunds or compensation. Any complaints during the exhibition will only be accepted in writing to be submitted at the reception or the Organizer's office only.

The Organizer reserves the right to remove any exhibits or promotion material found inappropriate, misleading or contradictory to the host country's laws without making any compensation. Any special promotions by the exhibitor inside or outside his stand must also be pre-approved by the Organizer.

Exhibitors will bear the responsibility & expenses for the transport of exhibits to and from the Exhibition venue. Exhibitors shall make their own arrangements, or pay for storage and warehousing of their exhibits, in & outside the venue. The Exhibitor must pay transportation,custom duty, VAT, custom bond, clearing & forwarding charges & all other expenses involved with the concerned authorities before receiving the goods at the exhibition centre. Without prior authorization from the Organizer, no article may be removed from a stand during and after the exhibition without a written approval from the Organizer. Exhibitors shall remove all exhibits from the Exhibition venue within the period stipulated by the Organizer and shall indemnify the Organizer against any loss or reason of delay or damage to the Exhibition Hall. The Exhibitors & the appointed cargo agent will be responsible all cargo matters and for ensuring that the exhibits are ready for display, at least one day before the commencement of the exhibition. The Organizer refers cargo and tourism agents only to assist the exhibitors without taking any responsibility. Exhibitors are free to use any agent of their choice.

The Organizer has the right to modify the duration, venue, title or dates of the Exhibition or the opening and closing times thereof. Exhibitors shall not be entitled to any claim or compensation in connection with such modifications. If rates for hotels, air ticket, accessories or any other products/services offered by a third party changes even after invoicing, the exhibitor is liable to pay the difference. Travel & Accommodation packages are on a special rate provided by appointed travel agents. Therefore, hotel reservations and air ticket cancellations should be confirmed / cancelled at least 30 days prior to the exhibition's date of opening. Reservations not paid for in time could be cancelled without any prior notification. The Organizer reserves the right on making any decision regarding refunds on hotel rooms and air ticket cancellations by the exhibitor.

The Organizer shall not be responsible for unapproved visas and will not entertain any claims in this regard. The Organizer shall allocate the space in accordance with the nature of exhibits or in any manner they may deem fit.

The Organizer will claim 50% of the booking amount in case of cancellation by the exhibitor 90 days or more before the exhibition. If the cancellation is made less than 90 days before the exhibition, no amount will be refunded to the exhibitor. Exhibitors are wholly responsible for the safety of their exhibits, of themselves and their delegates, employees and of the public when on their stands. The Organizer will not responsibility for the loss or damage howsoever caused to any exhibitor the property of any exhibitor. The exhibitor is to take out an insurance cover for the purpose. The exhibitor is liable to pay to any hotel, custom or other unpaid bills by their delegates in the host country. The Organizer reserves the right to retain goods or property of the exhibitor for compensating any balance payments.

All new decisions / rules made should be acceptable to the participants.

Force Majeure : The jurisdiction of India will be the law to approach in case of any disputes unable to settle mutually between the Exhibitors and the Organizer. The Organizer cannot accept any complaint or claims against them, unless submitted in writing within two weeks of the closing date of the exhibition to: GLOW EXHIBITIONS, Mumbai, India.